Digital Marketing Specialist / Software Engineer / Web Developer
Apsara Aruna

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Digital Marketing Specialist / Software Engineer / Web Developer

Hey there! I'm Apsara Aruna, a seasoned Software Engineer with 8 years of experience in the digital realm. Alongside my expertise in software development, I've also delved into digital marketing for the past 5 years, specializing in social media content creation and strategy planning. This unique combination allows me to bring a holistic approach to projects, ensuring not only technical excellence but also strategic marketing and impactful content creation.

My journey in software engineering blends creativity and precision. From brainstorming new ideas to collaborative coding, I thrive on challenges. My passion for technology is matched only by my commitment to delivering innovative solutions that exceed client expectations.

I want to take your projects to the next level by pursuing excellence with unwavering determination. I want to make your ideas a reality by fusing my technological know-how with my marketing and content production abilities. Together, let's go on an exciting digital journey where precision and enthusiasm collide with cutting-edge software development and strategic planning.

My WorksPlugins

Easy Subscribe Button Widget

700+ active downloads

This is simple widget of showing youtube subscribe button. Easy to use. Previously Youtube Subscribe Button Widget

Main Menu HTML Sitemap

100+ active downloads

Your site need html sitemap for SEO enhance. This plugin will make it easy. Your site main menu into html sitemap.

Toast Popup Notification News Alert

70+ active downloads

Simple popup alert message on you all pages or specific page.

GigFi – Gig promotion for Fiverr

50+ active downloads

This is make small profile widget about your fiverr gig. No need to style.

Browser Scroll Bar

30+ active downloads

Customized your search form to the full screen search box.

Easy Full Screen Search

30+ active downloads

Make your browser scrollbar customize